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Paula named her Zinfandel after her childhood home, THREE FIFTEEN Santa Ana Avenue in San Francisco, California - a magical place that became a melting pot of family, friends, laughter, and mutual support. 315 Santa Ana was a beacon of hope and a refuge for the many family members who came to the United States through her parents’ assistance - and friends who called it their second home. A home always filled with the love of its many visitors cemented exceptional friendships and strengthened family bonds that continue to nourish Paula and fuel the pursuit of her passion: crafting beautiful wines. This Zinfandel is a full-bodied and fruit-driven wine, supported by layers of vanilla, cinnamon, clove and a hint of white pepper. Indeed, this is a classic Dry Creek Zinfandel, but its abundance of diverse flavors is reminiscent of the creative and fulfilling experience of growing up at 315 Santa Ana Avenue.

The Dry Riesling, HAIGHT STREET, refers to the family property located at 940 Haight Street, San Francisco. Paula’s father and maternal grandmother built this property from the ground up in 1969, and it became their flagship residential care facility and the cornerstone of the family business. This wine is as bold and driven in its complexity and flavor as her dad and grandmother were in launching and building their business. HAIGHT STREET stands out as a “white wine for the red wine lover” - opening with a bouquet of peach blossom and passion fruit on the nose, the wine has a palate full of tropical fruit, lemon grass and honeydew; in her mind, a worthy tribute to that legacy. HAIGHT STREET won a Gold Medal in the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition.

Her third wine, P.J. Rose, represents the first and middle initials of her name - Paula Jean. Paula is the namesake of both her parents - Paul and Jean - and this wine reflects her passion and personality while giving credit to the people who helped her become the woman she is today.  P.J. Rose is full of dynamic aromas and flavors. On the nose you get ripe strawberry, cranberry and rhubarb with wonderful hints of orange blossom and rose petal. The palate is filled with strawberry, cranberry, orange zest and a touch of star anise which is carried through with a velvety mouthfeel and delicate acidity to complete a long, gentle finish. 

Stay tuned for the release of P. Harrell Wines’ Petite Sirah and Brut Sparkling Wine - coming mid 2021!