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BROADWAY STREET - a Blanc de Noirs named in honor of my first elementary school, Convent of the Sacred Heart (located on Broadway Street in SanFrancisco). So much of who I am today is a reflection of my experiences at Convent. My second elementary school, St. Emydius, is where I transferred (along with who is still my best friend, from Convent) and made many friendships that have lasted a lifetime. I guess you could say Convent gave me my “sparkle” and St. Emydius turned that sparkle into the blaze that illuminated the path of my life.

This sparkling wine is brioche and a hint of berry, with bright citrus in the aromas. The fine mousse brings along these notes in the mouth. And with the lingering finish of citrus, it begs for another taste.

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“Haight Street” refers to our property located at 940 Haight Street, San Francisco. My father and grandmother built this property from the ground up in 1969 and it was the cornerstone of their business. I named this dry Riesling in their honor, as it is as bold and driven in its complexity and flavor as they were in their business. The Riesling has subtle aromas of lime zest, pink grapefruit, bosc pear and white flowers suggestive of jasmine and honeysuckle. The palate has a small amount of effervescence, that reveals fresh and lively flavors of tart green apple, star fruit and lime followed by a subtle note of chamomile on the finish.

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